Thursday, November 19, 2015

School Life

I may tell that my school life isn’t that good or do I must tell that ‘worst’(?). Okay, but we are not going to tell about my boring life in my school. So I am going to tell you about my wonderful school life side. One of them was happening not far from these days. It was “Makrab Baladewa”.

Do you know what Makrab Baladewa means? Makrab is an abbreviation from Malam Arkrab in English it means some people spend a/some nights together to make one of them get along well or chummier. And for BaLaDeWa is my class name. It is also an abbreviation from Barudak Ipa Lima Delegasi Warga 3.

From the definitions above all what you can get is that we just had a have fun. No, actually, our first purpose to go there is that we want to take some shoots for a video clip which is also our task for school. We rent a villa for three days-two nights. The Villa places in Villa Istana Bunga, Lembang.

It was such a sudden event, because my class just had the idea 2 days before ‘D-day’. We thought that we need an intense time to finish our shooting. So the conclusion was that to rent a villa. We made a little stewardship to prepare everything. We were quite busy. Rent the transportation, buy some meal, listing stuff, and many more, we did it efficiently.

So the day came. Hah… it was tiring that I had to attend some courses before I went to villa. Not only me, but some of my classmates had to attend some courses too. So there was two or three session transport. I still remember that I just arrived around 8 p. m. or 9 may be.. I’m sorry, I forget. I went inside the house and I could see that everyone was training their dance choreography. Some were busy with their training and some others were enjoying their own while waiting for their turn.

 I just came and the creative team (one of my classmate) said to me “You can go rest first. Then I’ll call you if it’s your turn.” Wow everything seemed so fun here. So many snacks, drinks, and music (back sound for dance). I looked around the house. The villa was two-stories. It was quite cozy and so nature design. I liked the temperature too. It was so cold, but still good.

My turn had come. I asked for a little tutor. I started my dance. I was doing that bad, but I trained it more and more, so at last I could memorized it. I saw some of my friends were gathered outside at the balcony and they were singing a song with a guitar. Yeah.. don’t know how, but it was quite good, even not all of us could sing well haha.. After that we prepare our bad to sleep.

The next morning, my friend who slept beside me woke up first. Then, I was the second. She said that she couldn’t sleep. I could understand why, since some of us had to sleep in the living room, but for me it was just fine. It was 4.30 a. m. I think. I couldn’t sleep again so I decided to take a bath and wudhu. My friend had taken a bath too. So now it was my turn. After I took a bath, I prayed and next Subuh prayed. Felt hungry, I boiled water and I made a cup of noodle. It was delicious and perfect for cold surrounding like this.

  Everyone had just awoken. They began to take a bath. I had finished all of the things that I wanted. So I decided to go out. Everything is so beautiful here. I felt reborn again. I thought it was rather a rare thing for me to have a nice freshener air like that. Yeah.. since I always busy with my work. I really had a good mood.

After I looked around, I went back to my villa. All of my classmates ready to go for first shoot scene. It was dancing. We went to a grassy field. We took so many shoot, because we want to get the best move on the scene. We used our go-pro, slider, camera, tri-pod, etc. It was kind a good preparation. I never thought that we really could made a nice shoot too.

We’d been little tired after finishing the dance scene. Even though we had our catering when we were at the field, but when we got to our villa, we felt hungry again. We bought some cuanki. Some of us eat their own food. We took our time to have a rest. Not long from our rest time, the rain came to our day. We couldn’t do anything, but to wait inside. So another scene that needed to get outside, we canceled them. We didn’t want to waste or time. So we decided to do the scenes that could be done inside the villa.

We’d done anything we could do, but hopelessly the rain wouldn’t stop until the dawn was coming. Fortunately, at night, the rain had stopped. We could do the night party scene outside. We could have some fireworks party too. It was making so happy. Then, we did a little dance scene in the night scenery too. After everything had finished, we had our dinner. It was near to midnight too. So we decided to sleep.

The next morning, like usual, I and my friend beside me woke up first. I had brush, prayed, and have a little meal to prop my hunger. At last, I had no option, but to eat noodle again. I finished everything earlier that anyone. So I decided to have a walk outside and explore the zone that I hadn’t explored before.

I walked with some music on my ears. It was so relaxing. I see so many beautiful sceneries there. It was so nature and refreshing. It was so far from the things that I always get in the town. I saw so many beautiful flowers. Sunflower, chrysanthemum flower, lavender, and many others, they were so incredible and lighted my eyes. I felt even better that yesterday. So peace and so relaxing.

I went back to my villa. We had friend rice for our breakfast. The fried rise is quite tasty. I thought that my classmates so talented. After finishing our breakfast, again, we prepared to shoot some scenes. That day was more intense than yesterday, because yesterday we had to cancel some shootings because of the rain. We made a really fast movement to finish the shooting. Yeah you know, since it was our last day on our villa, so we had to move faster.

Oh finally, we made the shootings done in time (honestly it was quite late than the schedule). We had a little rest. Then, we have to move to pack our belongings. It was time to go, but I really sad to do that, because I really had to leave the place where I could be relax and forget all of my tasks for a while. Hope that I could have a moment like that again. Hope it soon…  

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Book Review

Sometimes You Win Sometimes You Learn

Sometimes You Win Sometimes You learn is motivational book. It was written by John Calvin Maxwell. I may say that the book is a recommended one. Why? because it motivates and gives so many enlightenments to our life. So let’s check what inside!

Before we discuss about the book, I want to tell you about why I could buy that book. It was really a frustrated one. It was when I had a long trip in Depok to have an English debate competition. It was my first national competition that I had, so back then, I was feeling a pressure. I was afraid to face this competition, especially when we gathered for the opening competition. Every participant looked like so masterpiece in their English speaking and even I could feel if they were full of confidence.

I was a little shock because you knew, I joined this competition because I had to succeed my friend for this competition. So I only had one month to prepare this. Yeah even I knew that one month was quite a long time too, but still hard to say I was well prepared.

 When I stepped my foot there, I deliberately said “OMG! So many.. How can I win?” Then, my teammate said to me “It’s okay! Just relax..”. He was so good, but still. It was not enough to make me felt well.

I was trying to convince myself that I could do my best.  I spent a rough-strict competition for almost one week in Depok. I didn’t know, but I lost in my quarter final. So in the chart, my team was placed thirteen in national debate competition. It was amazing, but to tell honest, no one ever liked to lose from something. So did I.

I was feeling a little tired and disappointed. So I went to UI’s library. I passed a book store. There was a great discount there, so I stepped in. Honestly even there was a great discount, I never intended to buy any book there, but when I get a glimpse of a book. I stopped and stay still. To see, “Sometimes You Win Sometimes You Learn”. It was touching me and I didn’t know how I just wanted to buy it.

I went back to my hometown, Bandung. I had a spare time. So I could read the book. I read it and the book was really making me realize so many things in my life. It awoke me to have a trust to myself again. The book was full of so many great people’s experiences in facing their loss. So it gave me many of lessons.

The book told me about how to overcome with my loss and be wise to face it. It realized me that I couldn’t let it controlled my whole emotions and always deep in my own sadness. I learn that losing something wasn’t a sign to stop, but it was to start again. And you want to know what I really liked about this book. It realized me that no matter what loss that I will get, if I still live, it means that I still have ‘hopes’.


Sunday, November 15, 2015

Peace day
Peace is a word that every human always want. We always want it, but to tell honest, it’s not easy to make peace. In this world that we live in today, facing life without problems must be impossible. I can tell that rather than peace, I always face so many problems in my life. Yes, it’s true that we are surrounded by so many problems, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make a peace.

I think I’m going to tell you about my childhood story that can be an example for this case. I have a big family and I always play with my cousins. There are more than 15 cousins that I have, but I used to play with four of them because they have close ages to me. The first one is my sister. The second one is a boy. His name is Rifqi and two years older than me. The third is a girl named Najwa and she’s one year older than me. The forth is in the same age as me. Her name is Rahma. We are a great team, incredible and so powerful when we’re together, but back before it, there was a story when broke up and messed up with our bond.

It’s just a simple case, but was then huge. The problem is that we were fighting to claim who’s belong to a Disney character, Princess Aurora. It was actually not all of the five’s problem, but the problem was between Najwa and my sister. Yeah, but since we’re so close, sometimes the rest might get involve too.

My cousin Najwa, she liked Aurora and she even had so many magazines about the character. My sister, she liked pink very much so that she liked the princess very much too. My sister was feeling betrayed knowing that Najwa really liked Aurora too. My sister thought that she’s the first person in our group who liked Aurora. My sister was feeling that she was the only one who could love and like her. Then, the problem was starting from that.

They were starting to not meet each other. They were starting to hate each other. Everything seemed going to be worst. They started a cold war between. My sister wanted Najwa acknowledged herself as the only person who owned the character of Princess Aurora, but it was making the case worst. Then, Najwa wanted to keep what she loved, but she started to fear my sister’s angers to her. In order to do the best for those two considerations, Najwa tried to say to my sister that she liked Princess Aurora, but only when she wore the blue dress. Najwa thought that it would work because she guessed that the problem might be because of the color. So Najwa did that, but unlucky my sister just fell deeper into her greed. Still, my sister said no.

Unrealized, this cold war had gone too long and gradually made our bond broke up. Everything was just not right. Back then, when the five of us gathered, we always played with so much of joys, but when that cold war appeared not really a good time that we got. We just made another problem between. My sister wanted me in her side and not to support Najwa’s side and be her spy to know what Najwa always said about my sister and told me to report to her. I felt more uncomfortable because I couldn’t do that. I was still Najwa’s cousin. So I couldn’t let Najwa behind.

It was going until year or years may be. Then, Najwa was then hated this problem to go for another times on. So she decided to solve this and end like what it should have been. She asked me and Rahma for some advices. Najwa told me anything and even she told me how she felt and how hard for her to face this. Yeah, I could imagine that too, because I knew how scary my sister was. That time, I thought that it was a good idea and a great start to do, because honestly I’d been tire to be in the middle of their cold war too. So I did what I could do.

We discussed the way. Then, finally we found the best way to solve this. It was with communicating. I knew best about my sister. My sister was a stubborn and she would never tell a word like ‘let someone won over her’. So I told Najwa to let what she loved first, asked for forgiving each other and told to be a best family again. Najwa knew and felt it was hard for her, but she even didn’t want this problem gone any further. So she intended to do the plan.

The day came. Najwa tried to brace herself up and went to speak to my sister. They communicated for few minutes. Then, I could see that the conversation was going well, because I could see a smile between them. They approached us. They said that they were going to get well like before again and we were happy to hear that.

Time passed on, we started to get along well like before again. By the time we grew up, we learned more about sharing each other and to have a good communication between each other. So did my sister. The time had already brought her to realize that loving something is the gift and a right for every living. And to share what we love is the great moment that we can get.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Job Vacancy

Sample of Application Letter for A Job (Above)

November 5, 2015

Mr. John Smith
Leader Team
Human Resources and Public Admission
Eastgate Building, 2 Castle St, Castlefield
Manchester, Lancashire M3 4LZ, United Kingdom

Dear Sir,
I would like to apply for a technical interior designer role within your company, CDI AndersElite.
I believe this position would provide a great to further my chosen career. My willingness to work hard and build my skill base will make me a good candidate for the job. I am currently undertaking relevant studies at the Interior Design School London in a Professional Diploma in Interior Design.

My coursework has introduced me to psychology human in space room, fitting color, Nirmana, 3d design computerization, designing furniture and also well experienced in so many private project. I currently hold a valid Manchester driver’s license and have my own vehicle.

The high level of practically in my course will decrease your required training time and mean I am well prepared to assist with fieldwork.

I look forward to hearing from you at your convenience.

Yaritsa Husni Sabiela